Current Commissions

Biginning of 2021 we have the following commissions:

  • after the development and the lead of a dialog within the foundations'sector on the societal consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, we are now working on the concept of a future "platform for societal issues" that should start its activities by mid-2021, according to funding options. We do work in collaboration with six foundations: Foundation Mercator Switzerland, Paul Schiller Foundation, Leenaards Foundation, Swiss Society for the common good, Christoph Merian Foundation and Sophie-and Karl Binding Foundation.
  • strategic and political advice to the association Alliance Enfance, in particular with the public affairs campaign READY!, which was taken over from the Jacobs Foundation.
  • Advisory mandate for knowledge transfer, Swiss National Science Foundation, NRP 76. On behalf of the Federal Council, NRP 76 is concerned with the legal and societal dimensions of care and coercion in Switzerland from a historical as well as a present- and future-oriented perspective. In the area of knowledge transfer, the bridge between research and policy is to be ensured. The mandate takes place in cooperation with advocacy AG.
  • Muriel Langenberger is president of the QualiKita association, which seeks to improve the quality of children’s daycare centers, as a commission from the Jacobs Foundation till end of April 2021. After an intensive organizational development process, QualiKita merged with kibesuisse and was integrated into the structures of the association on May 1, 2021. Thus, QualiKita secures its broad range of services in the field of quality development in early childhood programs in the long term.

End of 2020 we could achieve the following commissions:

  • strategic and political advice to the Jacobs Foundation related to its advocacy work in Switzerland and its READY! public affairs campaign.
  • on behalf of the social department of the City of Zürich, we moderated a round-table with early childhood partners and counsell the team strategically for the follow-up.
  • we finally counselled strategically the Foundation Compania di San Paolo in Italy on its early education strategy in the first months of 2020 as follow-up of previous counselling steps.