The team

We will be gradually building a team as soon as our startup funding has been secured. Ideally, three to six more people will be working at the Swiss Society Lab by summer 2021. Philine Zimmerli and Joanna Stefanska have already joined the team. Welcome! Moreover we are relying on the support of several external experts during the development phase.

Philine Zimmerli has many years of professional experience in the foundation sector, in strategy and programmatic concept development and implementation, as well as an affinity for sociopolitical issues such as equal opportunities, gender equality, climate change, education, early childhood and children's rights. Strong in communication, with several years of experience  as lawyer, she lives and works in Zurich.

Joanna Stefanska is the external advisor of Swiss Society Lab. She is a facilitator of collaboration and change, entrepreneur, coach and co-author of "the futuremakers". She has leadership experiencesin several executive director positions in the philanthropic as well as in the private sector. She lives and works in Zurich.