What inspires us

Art provides insight into society

We believe that art plays an important role in society, as a source of inspiration and as a critical observer. Art is a social imperative!

A few examples that continue to inspire us:

  • Photography speaks to us. It vividly expresses emotions and serves as an important witness to social change. We therefore enjoy visiting photography exhibitions as often as possible, such as the Musée de la photographie in Lausanne, the photography museum in Winterthur, and others.
  • Contemporary art: Every two years we visit the “Biennale d’art contemporain” in Lyon, which highlights the role of art in society – as a careful observer and critic.
  • Rhythms and sounds inspire us: We enjoy spending time at Moods, Zurich’s jazz club located in the Schiffbau building. And we attend the small jazz festival in Cully, located on the shore of Lake Geneva, almost every year.
  • We are moved by theater and film, whether in French, German, English or Italian. When we are not at the Locarno Film Festival, you may find us at the Festival de théâtre in Avignon. And now that Zurich is our home, we have found the international performing arts festival “Theater Spektakel” to be an inspiring experience. We particularly enjoy discovering intercultural plays, which supertitles have made more accessible to us.