It’s all a matter of balance.

Problem areas

Traditionally, most societal issues pose two major challenges:

It should first be noted that Switzerland is doing well relative to many of its neighbours, both economically and politically. Multiple indicators, including unemployment, health care and prosperity, paint a positive picture.

Yet a closer look reveals certain problem areas in our society, and the costs of addressing them are often high.

Potential and equality of opportunity

A number of population groups in Switzerland lack equal opportunities. We see this at the time of school entry, in the transitions of young people to advanced schooling, in the situation of women in the labor market and in the participation of senior citizens in society, among other areas.

The unequal distribution of opportunities imposes very high social costs on a society, not to mention the economic inefficiency it causes. A thorough, comprehensive analysis of these societal issues can reduce such costs, as it enables us to make political decisions based on robust scientific findings. Investments in these problem areas are needed today, and their impact will be felt in the future.


Our vision is for us, in our country, to think more about the kind of society we want to be: one that takes care of everyone and enables all people to fulfill their potential, regardless of gender, age or background.